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Experts from Adaptive Biotechnologies, Answer ALS and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, explained how they are putting shared data into action. Working on Covid-19, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a degenerative motor neuron disease) and childhood cancer respectively, they are paving the way for the future of medicine. As Dr. Lance Baldo from Adaptive Biotechnologies told us: “Data science never mattered so much as it does now.”

In May 2021, a major ransomware attack disabled Colonial Pipeline – one of the largest fuel pipelines in the U.S. It provides almost 50% of the East Coast’s fuel supply. In the week that followed, another ransomware attack hit one of the largest meat producers in the world causing it to shut down several sites in the U.S., Australia and Canada.

Ransomware – a type of malware that holds computer systems or data hostage with demands for payment – is making more and more headlines like this.

So, what are Microsoft and other organizations doing to fight it? And how can individuals and companies protect themselves? As part of an ongoing series of explainer articles published on LinkedIn, this look at ransomware from July 2021 explores some of the solutions.

Other pieces in this series break down topics including affordable housing, the digital skills gap and open data.

To move from climate pledges to climate progress, and to reach net zero, we will all need to speak the same carbon language.

This was the message of Microsoft president Brad Smith at Web Summit 2021. You can watch the highlights of his speech in this video. Record, report, reduce and remove carbon emissions was Smith’s urgent call to the world.

Cybersecurity attacks were a consistent threat again in 2021. One challenge the U.S. faces in tackling this situation is a serious workforce shortage – for almost every two cybersecurity jobs in the country today, a third job is sitting empty because of a shortage of skilled people.

Microsoft launched a cyberskilling initiative to help community colleges train professionals in the skills needed to fill the positions. Microsoft president Brad Smith explains more in this video from November 2021.

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