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For years now, tech firms like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have told us that the future of computing is tablets instead of laptops. They produce tablets with a broad range of screen sizes, features and prices; some can be bought with detachable keyboards, others have convenient kickstands, and many work with digital styluses, for unleashing your inner artist.

Tablets are often lighter, thinner and generally more portable and convenient than a laptop, with a broader price range and smartphone-based operating systems to make them easy for anyone to use.

When thinking of tablet computers, it’s easy to jump straight into the Apple Store and pick up an iPad. And while, yes, the iPad range is larger than ever, with prices stretching from just £329 for the iPad mini, all the way up to £2,149 for a fully-loaded iPad pro, there are plenty of alternatives out there too.

Companies like Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft all offer a range of tablets to choose from. If you don’t own any Apple devices, and aren’t in the company’s ecosystem, then looking at an alternative manufacturer can be a great idea – and potentially save you some money, too.

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The best tablet deals for August 2021 in the UK are:

  • Samsung Galaxy tab s7: Was £719, now £689.50,
  • Apple iPad air 10in: Was £571, now £539.97,
  • Apple iPad pro 11in: Was £1,010.20, now £849.97,
  • Microsoft surface pro 7 12.3in: Was £899, now £839.28,
  • Samsung Galaxy tab a8: Was £139, now £99,


We’ve specifically chosen the bronze colour option here because that comes with the steepest discount, with a massive saving of almost £140. This model has an 11in display and packs a 4G connection so you can pop in a SIM card and connect to the internet wherever you are. There’s also 128GB of storage, and with Samsung DeX on board you can turn the tablet into a fully-fledged computer by connecting it to a compatible display, keyboard and mouse.

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(Apple )

No tablet buying guide would be complete without a couple of iPads. First up we have the iPad air 10in – a tablet described by The Independent’s technology critic David Phelan as having a “tremendous” design. That design includes a new Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the screen lock button, which can be used to unlock the iPad and use Apple Pay to make online payments with the press of a button.

We admit you won’t be saving a fortune here, but it’s rare for any current Apple products to receive discounts, so £50 off is a pretty good deal in our book.

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Apple iPad pro 11in: Was £1,010.20, now £849.97,


Next up is a larger saving on the iPad pro 11in from 2020. This top-of-the-range tablet has a powerful A12Z Bionic processor and a massive 512GB of storage hidden inside its thin aluminium body. Around the back you’ll find a dual-lens camera system with a lidar sensor for improved augmented reality games and experiences. Battery life is a claimed 10 hours and this model of iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus and keyboard folio case, turning it into a true laptop rival.

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Microsoft surface pro 7 12.3in: Was £899, now £839.28,


Switching gears and heading into the Windows ecosystem, we have the surface pro 7 by Microsoft. This tablet has a large 12.3in display, is powered by a computer-grade Intel i5 processor and runs Windows 10 home. A clever kickstand on the back flicks out to hold the surface at various angles when you want to work or watch a video, and the tablet can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free when the new operating system arrives later in 2021. Unlike many tablets, the Microsoft surface pro 7 has a range of ports for easily connecting USB-A and USB-C devices.

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Samsung Galaxy tab a8: Was £139, now £99,


Finally, a more compact tablet in the form of the Galaxy tab a8 by Samsung. As the name suggests, this tablet has an 8in display, making it comfortable to hold and use in one hand. The screen has a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio that makes it perfect for watching TV and movies, and while the 32GB of storage is less than some other tablets, a microSD card slot means that can be increased by up to 512GB. On the back you will find an 8MP camera with HDR technology, plus there’s a 5MP selfie camera on the front.

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