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An interesting one, especially for those who claim that Microsoft recommend not to use CCleaner anymore.

It was announced this week that CCleaner is the latest ‘big name’ addition to the Microsoft Store for both Windows 10 & 11:

Obviously that’s not something that Microsoft would do if they didn’t want people to install and use CCleaner.

Microsoft’s previous issue with CCleaner was with bundled offers in the installer, rather than with CCleaner itself:

“Our potentially unwanted application protection aims to safeguard user productivity. We detect instances anytime software offers to install other software that is not developed by the same entity or not required for the software to run, no matter the third party,” Microsoft explained in a statement to BleepingComputer.

Considering the many offers that Microsoft themselves make that statement always seemed a bit two-faced.
But TBH Microsoft don’t even usually bother with any ‘offer’ – They just install apps they think you might like without even asking you. (Cortana, One Drive, news & Interests on the task bar, xbox game bar, etc. etc.).

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