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(Bloomberg) — When it comes to picking best remote working destinations, tropical, low-cost locations like Bali or Bangkok might spring to mind first. In fact, European countries dominate. 

Germany is the top ranked country for remote working, followed by Denmark and the US, according to cybersecurity software firm NordLayer. European countries make up the remainder of the top 10, aside from Singapore which ranks ninth.   

“The trend is clear — ever since the beginning of Covid-19, remote or hybrid work has become inevitable even in those companies that previously preached the importance of face-to-face interactions,” says Juta Gurinaviciute, chief technology officer at NordLayer. 

The ranking of 66 countries is based on four key criteria: cybersecurity; economic and social conditions including health care and English proficiency; digital and physical infrastructure, and Covid-19 response. The “least ideal” country for remote work is Algeria, the firm said. 

For cybersecurity, European countries, particularly smaller ones like Lithuania, Estonia and Slovakia are safest, according to NordLayer.   

On digital accessibility, South Korea, which ranks 11th overall, has the fastest internet while 37th-placed Israel’s is the most affordable.

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