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If you’re looking for a remote work opportunity that pays at least $100,000, you’ve never had a better chance. Ladders, Inc., the career site for high-paying jobs, researched data from the top 50,000 North American employers to find which professional fields saw the most growth in remote work. In March of 2020 there were just over 7,000 high paying remote jobs available. Today, there are more than 80,000. The availability of remote work across all fields has exploded more than 1,000%. So, do you really need to go back to the office?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Delta variant is putting workers on edge about returning to work, especially for those in areas where cases are surging. Employees don’t want to return to the office and try to work in a mask. Survey data from Glassdoor contradicts the Journal, citing that 96% of employees plan to return to the office in some capacity. That statistic, from Glassdoor’s July survey, shows an increase from April’s response of 72% of who were eager to return.

However, the Delta variant, vaccine requirements and looming mask mandates have changed the enthusiasm for returning to work. Employees who have learned to ditch their commute, and to connect via tools like Zoom and slack, have discovered a less-risky, low-hassle alternative to returning to the office.

Especially since many large companies are requiring vaccines, including Microsoft, Disney, Walmart, Uber, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Lyft, United, and Saks 5th Avenue. Proof of vaccination is required to return to work at these and many other employers.

While 49.7% of the United States is vaccinated, according to the CDC, a large portion of the public remains wary of taking the shots, or returning to work, or both. A new survey released by Kettle reveals that 69% of Gen-Z employees would select an employer who offered a hybrid model over one who didn’t. But, right now, the advantages of working from home remain. If you can create an impact from home, why return to the office?


If you are looking for opportunities to find a high-paying position while working from home, consider just a few of the high-paying jobs on Ladders.com

For leaders, the keyword for the future of work is flexibility. The coronavirus has forced us to adapt in new ways, and providing options is what workers need and expect. While the debate rages on between restrictions and public health concerns, one thing is certain: you don’t have to go back to the office to make a living. For many, the real question is: do you even want to?

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