How Microsoft is trying ‘tempt’ users to ditch pirated Office version for original – Times of India

Microsoft seems to have gone for a new tack to tackle the piracy-related issues with its applications. Usually, you would expect the tech giant to implement some harsh measures when it comes to piracy but there is a report by PCWorld that says otherwise. According to the report, those having pirated versions of the MS Office 365 suite are being offered a 50% discount on the official, legitimate version of the software suite in certain world markets. In this way, Microsoft is reportedly trying to get the users of the pirated versions to buy and use its online Office 365 suite.
One of the other issues that Microsoft have to address is that it is not the only company offering such applications now. There is the rival Google who already offers Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and other applications, and all for free, and several companies have embraced the Google model. Then there is LibreOffice and other makers of similar open-source software, which also make the job easier on the user’s part.
It seems highly unlikely for Microsoft to bring the discount any lower, even if it is offering in select markets. Would you be more inclined to go for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription if the company gave you a discount of 50% or more on the whole package? Or any other paid subscription service, the kind you find it hard to without in this current work-from-home world? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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