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Submitted by KM Hills.

I recently read a Suburban Times letter from a Candyce Hernandez. It’s about an email she sent to CPSD which was quarantined and sent to a spam folder. I read the response she posted which she stated came from Superintendent Banner which explained… since CPSD was hacked they are now using Office365 and the software automatically sends some emails to quarantine.

Here’s my problem with that explanation. At my place of employment, we also use Office365 which does send suspicions emails to quarantine; however, Office365 also sends notifications about any email in quarantine. In addition, Office365 also sends reminders if you have not acted on an email in quarantine, so potential important emails don’t get missed.

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It is not Mr. Banner’s job to go through the quarantine folder but if Office365 notifications were not sent directly to the intended recipient, as happens in my office, then someone in the IT department should have been acting on the notifications for those items in quarantine. If the intended Board member(s) did get the quarantine notification and didn’t act, then that is a whole other issue.

The other aspect of the submission by Candyce Hernandez was how the District has yet to inform parents about what student info could have been stolen in the hack of the District. In my experience this is a much greater issue than just current students’ info. It would include information held by the District about past students, current/past employees and sometimes about volunteers who have completed background checks.

Overall, as I have stated before, it is time for new leadership at CPSD and it can’t happen soon enough.

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