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Microsoft Teams is now offering its app for download in its dedicated application store that would give users the chance to choose the service for all their video conferencing needs. It would be a direct download from the Microsoft Store and would avoid the need to download it from the web, installing the application file for its access. 

Microsoft Teams App Now Available for Direct Download

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is now offering its app for download in its dedicated application store, without the need to download it from the web or via the Office 365 bundle. 

Microsoft announced that it is working on making the Teams app available on the app store for a direct download, and this is outlined in the company’s roadmap available online. The Verge said that this venture got discovery by Neowin, focusing on its availability for the users and subscribers that mainly use the work communications app.

The pandemic highlighted the need for online services and software like the Microsoft Teams available for everyone to use and enjoy, primarily as it focuses on a remote experience for all conditions. Its availability will arrive in the upcoming months for both the Windows 10 and 11 versions of the computer, fulfilled by the Microsoft Store. 

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Microsoft Teams: No More Web Download, Office 365

Users can have the Microsoft Teams app available for download via the web or the Office 365 before this new venture from the software company. Its own app was not available in the Microsoft Store before, and it gives people a hard time getting the exclusive features it has available on the application alone. 

Now, everyone can select the app individually and have it at their disposal without having the other apps in Office 365. 

Microsoft’s Office Suite Apps

Microsoft Office is one of the most famous applications used for work and school now, and it remained to be at the top even during the pandemic as remote work observations ensued to continue the business. Microsoft Teams is one of the most used applications until the present, and it brings video conferencing for all needs of the office. 

The Office suite from Microsoft brings a new user interface for all, and it encompasses all the apps available on its platform alongside the latest version of the Windows 11 software. Many apps include themselves on the Office 365 suite, and one of its bundles is the Teams feature for video chatting for many needs. 

Before, users could only get the Teams app when downloading Office 365 as a whole, and users would need to purchase the software from Microsoft or subscribe to the feature. Now, users have the chance to choose Teams to download individually, having the opportunity to use its features fully with the app and not have it through the web.

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