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Some household members here are elderly, tech illiterate (USA)
Some relatives living abroad (Europe)
I have been using Macs since 1986.

I have been tasked with looking into the use of Skype. Our familiy’s landline phone is plagued with constant telemarketer/scam/robo calls; the landline answering service has been adjusted to pick up on the 2nd ring to minimize the phone ringing endlessly. So incoming calls from European relatives are difficult to answer.

We can schedule times for calls over either Facebook DM or e-mail.

This household has an active Microsoft Office 365 Family account, which includes Skype.

We have never used Skype before; no even me. If I am to learn how to set Skype up for use, and if we are to use it effectively, I need to find useful resources that I can use to learn and master Skype. I would prefer to avoid sifting through random YouTube videos that may or may not be helpful. (I recently did a search and found several that were old or not Mac-centric.

1: What learning resources are out there?

2: Can Skype (or Facebook Messenger) be used for video conferencing? (This could be useful for more than just talking with relatives.)

3: Our current hardware:

  • M1 Mac Mini running MacOS Monterey (no web cam yet)
  • late-2013 Core i5 iMac running MacOS 10.14 Mojave
  • late-2013 Core i5 13-inch MacBook Pro unning MacOS 10.14 Mojave
  • iPad Mini 2 running iOS 12
  • iPhone SE (2022) running iOS 15
  • Verizon DSL (not the greatest) connected to Apple Airport Extreme

all computers have Office 365 installed. Of all of the computer hardware listed above, none is due to be immediately replaced. The first candidate for replacement will likely be the laptop, which would likely be replaced with a 2022 M2 MacBook Air. No date for purchase on the horizon. May eventually be purchased as a refurb direct from Apple.

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