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What is the best place to work? The right answer will differ depending on personal preferences. But at a conceptual level, most people would agree it’s a place that treats you well, pays you fairly, and allows, inspires, and maybe even teaches you how to reach your professional potential.

These same basic desires apply when you do your job remotely—but there also may be other major considerations that ultimately determine your happiness. Do you have the equipment, relationships, and communication you need to work effectively? Do you feel included in your company culture? Are you trusted by managers who can’t always see you? Will you be provided with just as many pathways for growth or advancement as your office-going peers?

As the remote revolution unfolded—slowly at first, and then all at once—Quartz sought to recognize companies that are already embracing our distributed-workforce future. We invited employers to apply for recognition in the first global ranking of the best companies for remote workers, and worked with independent research firm Best Companies Group to conduct a two-part survey of each applicant, one involving the employer and the other its employees.

The surveys assessed company practices and measured employee satisfaction in areas including leadership, pay and benefits, training and development, corporate culture, communication, and overall engagement. The survey scores determined our rankings, which comprises three lists separated by employer size. Scroll down to see all 54 of the small, medium, and large companies we recognized; then scroll just a bit further for more about the methodology we used.

Large companies that have embraced remote working

These are the best large companies for remote workers. Companies in this ranking have a global employee base of 250 people or more.

The best medium-size companies for remote employees

Companies in this ranking have a global employee base of 50 to 249 people.

The best small companies for remote workers

Companies in this ranking have a global employee base of 25 to 49 people.

Eligibility and methodology details

There was no fee to apply for recognition in Quartz’s ranking of the Best Companies for Remote Workers.

To be eligible, organizations were required to have at least 25 full-time permanent employees who qualify as remote workers; at employers with more than 100 permanent full-time employees, at least 25% of the workforce must be remote. Temporary or seasonal employees, per diem, independent contractors (1099), interns, and consultants were not counted as full- or part-time permanent employees and were not included in the evaluation process.

A remote worker was defined as someone who performs at least 75% of their job in a location that is neither affiliated with nor fully furnished by their employer.

Eligible companies agreed to submit an employer questionnaire about their policies and practices, worth about 25% of each company’s overall score. They also agreed to let our independent research partner, the Best Companies Group, survey their remote staff, with employee sentiment counting for about 75% of the total score.

Respondents to the employee survey evaluated an in-depth series of statements using a five-point scale ranging from “Agree Strongly” to “Disagree Strongly.” The survey also included demographic and open-ended questions.

To be included in our ranking, companies had to receive at least 80% positive responses to the employee survey across eight categories: leadership and planning, corporate culture and communication, role satisfaction, work environment, relationship with supervisor, training and development, pay and benefits, and overall engagement.

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