BBVA implements remote working indefinitely – Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

BBVA was one of the first companies in Spain that allowed employees to work from home at the outset of the pandemic, and has since kept in place for the longest period a voluntary scheme of in-person work at the corporate headquarters. The months of the pandemic allowed large-scale testing of flexibility, with strong results in terms of employee engagement and productivity, as reflected in internal employee surveys, interviews with the global heads of each area and with Talent and Culture managers in all countries. “What our employees value most is flexibility with clear rules, where everyone knows what is expected of them. In addition, we saw an improvement in the level of employee commitment because, fundamentally, it allows them to better reconcile work and family life,” Casas stated.

“During these months, we asked our employees a lot of questions. In the various surveys we conducted, they were overwhelmingly in favor of wider flexibility and hybrid models,” the executive added. Specifically, in a recent remote working survey of more than 4,500 employees, 92 percent said they would not like to return to a fully in-person work model. 85 percent of employees stated that the hybrid model allowed them to better manage their working time, while 95 percent said they found it easier to find a suitable work-life balance.

These analyses also revealed a range of key points for successful implementation of the model on which the bank is already working: “We completed a key project to adapt working dynamics and workspaces, as well as technical requirements, which we will continue expanding and improving.”

All of these measures are in line with the bank’s strategic priority to have the best and most committed team. The bank will also continue to improve the development of tools to assist team managers with handling assessment, follow-up and onboarding, strengthening personal relationships, team networking, and nurturing a shared culture and sense of belonging.

In other countries where BBVA is present, this pioneering remote working initiative will be adapted to local regulations and implemented according to the needs of each country.

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