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Microsoft has grown its Surface portfolio to a slew of devices, including the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Go, Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Laptop Go. Some of those may find themselves discounted and among the best Black Friday deals

Some of the newest devices, like the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop Studio are unlikely to see deep cuts. But some older Pros and Surface Laptops may see some discounts, if you’re willing to go for an older device. For the 2-in-1, there’s a chance you might find bundles that include a keyboard or stylus.

For the laptops, you may find a mix of older models of the Surface Go, and, if you’re lucky, the Surface Laptops that launched earlier this year.

Here are some of the deals we’ve found so far:

Microsoft Surface Pro Deals

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Deals

Microsoft Surface Book 3 Deals

The Surface Book 3 is being supplanted by the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. It’s likely that once it goes out of stock, you may not be able to get this detachable design again.

You can check in on deals on Surfaces in real time with the widgets below:

More Surface Pro 7 Deals

More Surface Pro 8 deals 

More Surface Laptop 4 Deals

More Surface Laptop Go Deals

More Surface Laptop Studio Deals

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