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Microsoft has been the subject of many memes about its Xbox naming decisions in recent years. The Xbox Series X follows the Xbox One X, and the Xbox Series S is the successor to the Xbox One S, and before that there was the Xbox One. That’s led to the internet making memes about one Xbox One X box, and a series of Xbox Series X boxes. After many Xbox box memes, Microsoft has now started openly mocking its Xbox naming decisions.

In a video on Instagram, Microsoft has made its own Xbox box meme, which includes an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series X box, an ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to its box, a series of ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to their boxes, and a series of ex-boxed Xbox Series X next to their boxes in the shape of an X. Dizzy yet?

Now that Microsoft has adopted the meme, the official internet rules state it’s no longer cool. Microsoft has officially killed the Xbox box meme, even if it says “we’ll keep going until someone tells us to stop.” Perhaps that was Microsoft’s grand plan, as the Xbox maker also killed the Xbox fridge meme by embracing it early on.

In fact, the Xbox team has been using memes frequently since the Xbox Series X was announced in late 2019. Even the leak of the Xbox Series S last year prompted the Xbox Twitter account to respond with a meme, before the console was officially detailed hours later.

Microsoft also beat Skittles in a Twitter poll and decided to make mini Xbox Series X fridges a reality. The mini fridges will be available this holiday season, in a case (or a box, if you like) of a meme turning into reality.

The Xbox box meme.
Image: A person with a lot of Xbox boxes
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