Microsoft appears to be testing Android app support on Xbox –

It looks like Microsoft is testing out Android app support for Xbox.

That’s based on a listing for the Windows Subsystem for Android app (thanks, XDA) on the Windows 11 Microsoft Store.

In its System Requirements, the app is listed as available for Windows and Xbox One.

Microsoft has not confirmed that Android app support is coming to Xbox, and this app is currently designed only for internal testing purposes. There is no guarantee it will ever be released to the public.


Still, it’s fun to speculate the potential if Xbox could run Android apps. Could we finally get a home console that can be used as a general purpose PC? Maybe I could start writing my articles on Microsoft Office and then hop onto a Zoom meeting.

Of course, the more sensible reason ‌Microsoft might want to add Android support to Xbox is to support the vast library of Android games via the platform. The question is whether Xbox players are really interested in playing mobile games on their console.

Microsoft announced Android app support as one of the key features of Windows 11 back in June, although this was pushed back from the operating system’s release date of 5th October to later in 2022.

Would you like to see Android apps available on Xbox?

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