Microsoft is offering Xbox Series X bundles direct to ‘valued customers’ – The Verge

If you’re hunting for an Xbox Series X, you might want to check your email inbox. Microsoft has been emailing out special links over the past week to the Microsoft Store, that let you directly order an Xbox Series X bundle. Microsoft says it has a “limited supply of Xbox Series X bundles” that are available to “valued Microsoft customers” in the US.

The emails are addressed to Microsoft Store customers, and bundles are available on a first-come and first-serve basis. Microsoft is limiting orders to one bundle per order, or two bundles per 30-day period. The links to order a bundle are unique and tied to a Microsoft Account, and don’t always guarantee that stock is available for a purchase.

A wide range of “valued Microsoft customers” seem to be receiving the emails, and it could be a way for Microsoft to ensure some of its stock isn’t heading into scalpers hands. The main requirement seems to be that you’ve shopped online at the US Microsoft Store before, and perhaps even purchased Xbox-related software or hardware.

If you’re lucky enough to receive an invite to purchase a bundle, you won’t be able to buy just the console itself. Microsoft is bundling a game and an additional controller with this offer, and you can pick between Madden 22, GTA V, Rust, Far Cry 6, Hasbro Family Fun Pack, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Insurgency Sandstorm, and Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Microsoft warned earlier this year that Xbox Series X supply will be constrained into 2022. The global chip shortage has impacted various companies for more than 18 months now. Car manufacturers have had to scale back production of vehicles, and it’s been near impossible to find stock of new graphics cards, PS5s, and Xbox consoles.

Scalpers have also been making a bad situation worse by driving up prices. PS5, Xbox Series X, and GPU street prices are still through the roof, with an Xbox Series X selling for an average of $856 on eBay right now.

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