Remote work: Is the honeymoon over? – Allianz

In 2020, the pandemic made working from home the norm for millions of employees. Since then, the future of work has moved into the spotlight of public and policy interest, from tech moguls issuing ultimatums to teleworkers via e-mail to countries making remote work a legal right. But how do employees feel about working from home, and have their perceptions changed since the onset of the pandemic? In our 2022 Allianz Pulse survey, we asked 1,000 respondents in Germany, France and Italy about their perceived benefits and challenges of teleworking.

Compared to the previous round of the survey, the share of employees that reported not being able to work from home decreased in all three countries. Nonetheless, the share of respondents going back to the office also increased both in the hybrid and mostly full-time formats: 32% in Germany and Italy and 29% in France (compared to 25% in all three countries the year before).

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