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Bank of England monetary committee member Catherine Mann’s widely reported comments about women working remotely being disadvantaged in career terms have been strongly criticised.
Mann had warned that there was potential for “two tracks” developing, with more women working from home than men. She said: “There’s the people who are on the virtual track and people who are on a physical track. And I do worry that we will see those two tracks develop, and we will pretty much know who’s going to be on which track, unfortunately.”
In April, the Office for National Statistics reported that “women were slightly more likely to do some work at home than men, 47.5% and 45.7% respectively.” This minimal divide between men and women has not stopped statements being aired about offices being full of career-driven men, while women stay at home to combine work with caring responsibilities.
Remote working technology expert Amanda Harvey, a mother of a one-year-old and an employee at Silicon Reef, told Personnel Today that Mann’s comments were “categorically wrong”. She said the crucial point was whether the employer was committed to remote or flexible working or not. She added: “I’m proof that the technology does work and employers can make it work if they want to. My career isn’t being affected. In fact, working for a firm that is 100% dedicated to remote working, means I’m going from strength-to-strength.”
“It shouldn’t be down to

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